Posters for Japan report – awesome!

Well the DogA Oslo Posters for Japan Exhibition (see previous post) is simply amazing! Great, beautiful art – and ditto people. For several reasons we’ve never seen so many Japanese people at an art opening in Oslo before – however we appreciated hanging out with you all! You guys should hang out more often – or perhaps we should start hanging out where you guys…hang out!

Anyway! Here are some quick mobile pics. Hey people, these are only nine of 100 posters, all supplied and printed especially for this exhibition – you got to admit this rocks! Click for bigguns; Bam!

The opening party was quite packed and while we where there a lot of the posters got sold. Obviously we wanted to buy several and not knowing the price we were pleasantly surprised that they were affordable – smart thinking by the organizers there – these babies will be sold! And funds will go toward charities working to help North-East Japan. The people we talked to were very surprised by the quality, expecting laserprints somehow, the sponsor being Allkopi (a premium Norwegian copyshop). Believe us – these are bad ass one-of-a-kind museum quality prints, super dense with tangible pigment on heavy paper stock – definitely worthy of buying and framing. As we know, owning quality art prints – well let’s just say it offers a lot of honour, value and joy today and in the future. As if the cause wasn’t enough.

If you missed it today go there tomorrow, the 21st of May at DogA Oslo!

We are proud to be part of this. Posters for Japan – what an excellent and worthy idea.

Ninja Technique crew

Norwegian Ninjas support Northeast Japan

As we know, on 11 03 2011, a Magnitude 9 Earthquake in Northeast Japan caused an enormous Tsunami, which took away 12500 lives, with another 16000 people reportedly still missing under the debris. In addition, the Tsunami caused a serious crisis at the Nuclear Power plants in Fukushima.

The Ninja Technique X crew is honored to be part of the upcoming charity poster exhibition POSTERS FOR JAPAN at DogA (Norsk Design og Arkitektur senter), Oslo 20th – 21st May. The Exhibition is held to raise donations for the earthquake and tsunami victims. We hope to see you at the opening session tomorrow the evening of May 20th!

Below: Ninja Technique artist John Jamtli’s contribution depicts a Norwegian Ninja, deep in Kuji-Kiri meditation, contemplating the relationship between FORCE, LOVE and WISDOM.

Says Ninja Technique artist Mr. Jamtli, “Every Norwegian with a little Ninja in their blood has been effected greatly by the disaster that hit Japan. HMKN has received the honour of being one of 100 artists, architects and authors contributing for the fund relief poster exhibition “Posters for Japan, 100 Ting til ettertanke”. We hope to see many fans of the Norwegian Ninja universe there, and remember this is your chance to get your hands on the first (and only) poster ever printed from “Ninjatechnique X”.

Støttegruppe for Nordøst-Japan is formed by 15 Japanese living in Oslo. They are registered as a charity group, and support those who suffered from this disaster in Japan. They focus on donating money through smaller or locally based Non-Governmental Organizations and Non Profit Organizations which reach out to the people who really need the help. It is easy to donate through big charit organizations. However, they believe it will be much more effective and helpful to send donations through the smaller organizations, since they are the ones who really see what is going on in and around the area and know what kind of help the victims actually need. The money raised will be donated 100% to several small charitable organizations.

Click here for Posters For Japan on Facebook

Ending note: Norwegian Ninja will be screened in Tokyo on May 26th, in the Arctic Hall of the Norwegian Embassy. Click here to visit Norwegian Ninja’s official moviesite on Facebook for more information. Wether you live in Tokyo or elsewhere, we hope you can make it!

With respect and appreciation,
Ninja Technique X crew


Hi all, another scan from his Master’s manual!

We love this one. With no room for doubt or confusion, King Olav is crystal clear about the situations in which the Ninjas must destroy the government ans seize power.

…who the hell would disagree. English readers – thanks for your patience. PS – all scans will be remastered in the upcoming printed edition.

As we say in Norway – “Opp med Kjakan!”

The Editors


Hi all, here’s a scan from a rather extensive section discussing various kinds of subversion.



“Opp med Kjakan!”

The Editors

Norwegians seducing barn-women

Hi all,

here’s a scan from the manual’s section on Norwegian civilian behavior during times of war or unrest. This section deals with – among other things – how to stop the ignorant masses from hurting themselves and others by killing them (ninja style). As their clothing clearly reveals this illustration features a typical Norwegian bunch of farmers attempting to seduce barn-women (“låvekjæringer“). As the book states they must be killed instantly as their actions if reported in the media may create in the public mind the idea of a “Norwegian My Lai”

Till next time – “Opp med kjakan!”

The editors



Ninja-assault on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

Hi all, welcome back for some more scans.

Rarely, or should we say never, does a manual read like a thriller. But with J. Jamtli’s (1982) powerful illustrations…What an inspiring way to learn the art of seizing power.

Above: A scan from the “Assault Stage” chapter of the original book, discussing the assault on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s Marienlyst building in Oslo! Obviously from the DON’T section, the illustration depicts a Ninja strangling the host while a studio technician, a second from being shot, seems to be warning the ignorant masses.

Below: This scan is from the section on exisiting coup-plans for Norway, discussing the US McConnell-plan, which would deploy a task-specific “NATO mobile force” to stage a coup in Norway if the population, politicians or the military resisted US influence in peace-time. The illustration seems to depict American troops rounding up Norwegian women and children, assaulting a typical Norwegian “Sæter” or mountain farm.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more scans later this month!

All the best,

The editors

Willoch’s panic-button

Here’s a scan from the original copy’s chapter on “Live Targets” featuring  prime minister  at the time of printing (1984), Mr. Kåre Willoch with a panic-button (early type general-issue electro-mechanic transponder).

“Intelligence requirements, live targets

1. We must know the live targets’ whereabouts are around the clock. Do not assume them to adhere to certain patterns. Security staff normally arrange unpredictable routines.

2. We must know what kind of security they’ve got, how the security staff is armed/equipped and whether they are any good.

3. In which situations is the enemy most accessible for assault?

4. Which methods of rapid response to unexpected situations does he have?”

The list continues on next page (not available yet).

The Editors

The Master strikes back!

Coming this autumn – follow us here!

We’re thrilled to announce the coming of Treholt’s Ninjutsu handbook in the art of toppling governments, originally written in 1984 for His Majesty’s Ninja Force and Naval Special Forces. This previously govt-seized re-issue hits the bookstores in English and Norwegian this year.

“Who the Government is elected by doesn’t matter. What matters is who the Government represents.”

– Commander Treholt in the book’s introduction.

In this volume, expect to see illustrations and photos of Commander Treholt and his Ninja-brethren demonstrating coup-planning; heads-of-state executions; stealth-techniques; false-flag terrorism and subversion; urban warfare; counter-interrogation techniques and more – such as blueprints and assault plans for key Oslo buildings and maps of Collocated Operating Base arms-depots hidden around the country.

The manual even covers the do’s and dont’s of addressing the masses in your first public speech.

Join us for news, free goodies and exclusive sneak peeks into Commander Treholt’s most controversial Ninja Technique book as we count down to its 2011 release.

The Editors

Click here for Eric Vogel’s  excellent write-up on the 2004 release “Ninja Technique II – invisibilty in battle by Cdr. Treholt, 1978”. Eric produced the 2010 feature film “Norwegian Ninja”.