Ninja-assault on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

Hi all, welcome back for some more scans.

Rarely, or should we say never, does a manual read like a thriller. But with J. Jamtli’s (1982) powerful illustrations…What an inspiring way to learn the art of seizing power.

Above: A scan from the “Assault Stage” chapter of the original book, discussing the assault on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s Marienlyst building in Oslo! Obviously from the DON’T section, the illustration depicts a Ninja strangling the host while a studio technician, a second from being shot, seems to be warning the ignorant masses.

Below: This scan is from the section on exisiting coup-plans for Norway, discussing the US McConnell-plan, which would deploy a task-specific “NATO mobile force” to stage a coup in Norway if the population, politicians or the military resisted US influence in peace-time. The illustration seems to depict American troops rounding up Norwegian women and children, assaulting a typical Norwegian “Sæter” or mountain farm.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more scans later this month!

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