Posters for Japan report – awesome!

Well the DogA Oslo Posters for Japan Exhibition (see previous post) is simply amazing! Great, beautiful art – and ditto people. For several reasons we’ve never seen so many Japanese people at an art opening in Oslo before – however we appreciated hanging out with you all! You guys should hang out more often – or perhaps we should start hanging out where you guys…hang out!

Anyway! Here are some quick mobile pics. Hey people, these are only nine of 100 posters, all supplied and printed especially for this exhibition – you got to admit this rocks! Click for bigguns; Bam!

The opening party was quite packed and while we where there a lot of the posters got sold. Obviously we wanted to buy several and not knowing the price we were pleasantly surprised that they were affordable – smart thinking by the organizers there – these babies will be sold! And funds will go toward charities working to help North-East Japan. The people we talked to were very surprised by the quality, expecting laserprints somehow, the sponsor being Allkopi (a premium Norwegian copyshop). Believe us – these are bad ass one-of-a-kind museum quality prints, super dense with tangible pigment on heavy paper stock – definitely worthy of buying and framing. As we know, owning quality art prints – well let’s just say it offers a lot of honour, value and joy today and in the future. As if the cause wasn’t enough.

If you missed it today go there tomorrow, the 21st of May at DogA Oslo!

We are proud to be part of this. Posters for Japan – what an excellent and worthy idea.

Ninja Technique crew